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22 January 2021
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Which Internet Browser is best to use?
The pages of this site have been optimised for viewing with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 and above. The site is also compatible with recent versions of Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.
I can't log-in and redeem my voucher code?
Go to www.apt.ac/online/ and enter the email address and password you received in your welcome email. Once logged-in, click the 'Redeem voucher' tab and enter the voucher code you also received (the voucher includes a series of numbers and dashes, so make sure to include all of these - it's best to copy and paste the voucher code from your email). Once you have done this, your training will appear under the 'My learning' tab. (If you didn't receive a password, click on the 'New User' tab and enter the voucher code.)
Nothing happens when I click to launch a module?
This site is using pop-up windows. Pop-up blockers installed on your computer may prevent this site from running as expected. Try to press the 'Ctrl' key down while clicking on a link to override pop-up blocking.

You may have a pop-up blocker running if you have installed toolbars from other sites on your browser (e.g. Google, Yahoo, etc.). Anti-virus or firewall security packages can also be configured to block pop-ups. If you are using the latest Microsoft Windows security options, your browser itself may be blocking pop-up windows. Please add this website to your list of allowed sites from the Tools/Pop-up Blocker/Pop-up Blocker Settings menu of your browser.

It is a requirement that pop-ups be enabled for this website. If you need assistance in removing pop-up blockers from your computer, please contact your IT Helpdesk.

The online learning modules require an up-to-date Adobe® Flash™ Player.

To update your player please do the following:
  1. Go to http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer

  2. Please un-tick the tick-box for the Yahoo® Toolbar™

  3. Click on the 'Install Now' button.
When the installation is complete, please attempt to take the training again. If you still encounter problems, please contact office@apt.ac.
What support is available to me throughout the course?
Please contact us at office@apt.ac, we will aim to respond to your query within a day.
Who do I contact to suggest new topics for e-learning modules?
To suggest additional topics to cover on e-learning contact office@apt.ac.
Can I undertake part of a lesson and come back to the rest?
Yes, your progress is bookmarked so you can come back at continue from where you left off.
Can I revisit the content once I have completed the module?
You can access the module as many times as you want while your licence is valid. However, once you have successfully completed the assessment, you cannot improve your score.
Can I change my e-mail or password?
Yes, you can change your e-mail address or your password. Once you are logged in, please click on the My details tab.
Are the courses accredited?
Yes, all of our CBT courses are accredited. For more information on APT accreditation visit www.apt.ac/accreditation
Does this training entitle me to practise CBT?
It is your professional qualification that entitles you to see clients/patients and part of your professional responsibility is to keep up to date with relevant interventions such as CBT, Solution-Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, etc. and that is where the APT modules come in. Since 1983 APT has been probably the major supplier of CBT training like this in the UK.
How long will it take me to complete an online course?
This varies from person-to-person, depending on how much they want to get out of the course - for example, it has taken some people who are already familiar with CBT only 3-4 hours to complete the CBT: Key Knowledge and Skill course, whilst others have taken four or five times as long, re-watching videos and going back over material until they are sure they understand it.
Are there any integrated video clips?
Yes, there are video clips for you to watch on the majority of APT online courses.
Do I get a certificate after completion?
Yes, if you have successfully reached the pass mark of 85% or above, you can print off a temporary certificate to verify your success. You will then receive a hard copy version in the post.
How long do I get to complete the course?
You will have access to the course for 1 year, from the date you bought it. If there are any associated free forms with the course, you will have access to those for 3 years.
How are the courses structured?
APT online courses are structured in two parts: 1; The Course Content - based on APT 'live' courses, this is displayed in an easy to use and interactive way, and 2; The Quiz - this offers interactive features such as 'multiple choice', 'true/false' and 'ordering' questions, along with additional topic information whether you get answers right or wrong.
How do I book a course?
Simply visit www.apt.ac/online/ and follow the on-line instructions. Alternatively call 0116 2555 963 or email office@apt.ac and one of our team will be happy to help.
When will I receive my username and password?
Once your credit card payment has been successfully processed a voucher code will be emailed to you which you can use to self-register on the system and to access the courses that you have purchased.
If I have any technical queries who do I contact?
If you have any technical issues regarding APT online training please email office@apt.ac.
What is the pass mark?
The pass mark is 85% or above.
What if I don't reach the pass mark?
Don't worry, you will be given the opportunity to redo the quiz in order to reach the pass mark.
Can I redo the course to gain a better score?
Yes, if you failed the quiz, but not if you have already passed it.
Once I have successfully completed the course, am I still able to access the content?
Yes, if there is something you would like to go back to, you are able to re-access the course (you have access to the course for 1 year from the date you bought it).
Am I eligible to undertake these courses?
Yes, there is no reason why you shouldn't undertake any of our courses; they are designed to be as accessible and 'transparent' as possible. Bear in mind though that you will only be able to use the content with clients/patients if you have a professional qualification, e.g. psychiatric nurse, social worker, occupational therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist. It is your professional qualification that entitles you to work with clients/patients, not a CBT qualification.
Why can't I print-off my certificate?
If you have not reached the pass mark of 85% or above you will need to redo the module - you also need to view every page of the online module to enable the system to generate a certificate.
Welcome to the e-Learning platform
This e-learning platform hosts a range of modules, allowing organisations to deploy training online.
It complements existing CPD classroom services and is a user friendly system that gives flexibility, value for money and consistency in the deployment of training content.