APT e-Learning

19 June 2018
APT-accredited e-Learning.

Here you can:
  • Study a course, or one or more modules from a course.
  • Obtain APT-accreditation Level 1 when you complete a course.
  • Renew your accreditation by studying a refresher.
  • Sit online exams to upgrade to APT-accreditation Level 2.
Click the bars that interest you, below. The Refreshers and the Exams are at the bottom, all the others are in alphabetical order.
CBT Essentials
CBT with Non-Suicidal Self-Injury
DBT Essentials
Motivational Interviewing and The Stages of Change
Solution-Focused Therapy
The RAID Course, for working with challenging behaviour
Refresher Courses - to renew your APT-Accreditation
Tests & Exams - to upgrade your APT-Accreditation
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